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Treatment for Jowls

“I am turning into my mother?!”

Treatment for JowlsWe hear this comment frequently from new patients visiting our clinic for the first time. Many ladies feel that as age starts to take hold and the skin loses some elasticity, particularly around the lower face, they start to develop their mother’s traits.

Unfortunately, jowls are a big problem for many people. Jowls are the folds of skin that hang from the cheeks, or either side of the chin. As they form, the definition of the jaw line is lost and this destroys the shape or 'frame' of the face. Jowls, being near the chin, tend to draw more attention to the start of a double chin and crepey skin on the neck.

Therefore, jowls are unsightly and are associated with getting older.

The bad news is that some people, especially if slim, develop jowls early – making them appear far older than they actually are.

The good news is that a number of things can be done now to reduce the appearance of jowls and to improve or correct them.


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